Are marks really important?

Education plays a important role in one’s life.
If the person wishes to be a photographer or anything else he or she has to complete studies first.
Education not only makes you intelligent but also builds your confidence indirectly.
It makes you feel away from the crowd.
It makes you the person you and your parents want you to be.
It is the only bridge that can reduce the gap between rich and the poor.
And by knowing all the importance parents and teachers want the students to work harder and harder.
One should work hard but sometimes students become so stressed due to studies that they think it as a burden .
In some families it’s a kind of responsibility also on the child’s shoulder to work hard so that they can make their family proud which leads to depression and stress .
This causes the child to think that it is a burden .
Moreover some are there who don’t want to study so they are also in the same queue.
Parenting can be a tough and exhausting job for most of us. Ever since the child is born, some parents start planning the child’s future. These types of parents are always on the urge to make their kids learn something new. Getting their child admitted to Nursery (Primary Education) in itself can be difficult, forget about college admissions. Eventually, parenting becomes a headache for these kinds of parents. The value of education and the name of the institution are to be considered too. But what is more important is to question whether the school education system is just enough? Are grades the only criteria for a child’s knowledge? These are the questions that make the present education more complicated than you think.

Education and knowledge are two separate entities.
Though they are sometimes used interchangeably but they differ.
Education is what we get from a book, in school and colleges, but the knowledge we gain when we apply our education to the practical situation and learn from our success and shortcomings from these experiences.

Even today, some education systems give great emphasis on the grades of the child. Sadly some of the worst places for education fall in Africa and need adequate help to educate every child with good practical knowledge.

In the end, each and every child is running after scoring a good score and not much heed is paid to the fact that though the ward has learned the syllabus, it is not adding any value to his knowledge.

Education at each and every level has become such a burden since the race to gain more scores/grades is never-ending. And even after scoring the top score, there is no guarantee that your child will be successful. We all as parents, as students are running after the scorecard. The perfect score is in no way an indication of the knowledge.

How can we improve our studies and not cut them out to be a mere headache? Here are some points to consider.

1) Mugging up/Rote
The course is a lot to be covered with only a little time to complete it. In order to complete the course, some aspects are rushed pass. And the children in order to score well, they mug up everything, without understanding the content. They work on their rote memory, rather than their comprehension of the topic.

2) Retention
Our attention span is less. Period!

We have so many things juggling; they make retention difficult. How many of you actually remember what you learned while you were in school? You remember only what you use. Half of the things are lost. With many distractions and lack of proper understanding makes retention difficult.

3) Application – Learning by Doing
Hands-on knowledge is the best way to learn. Books make the base for the practical knowledge in the field. Our brain is such that if we do by hands we will be able to retain it for longer as compared to the theoretical knowledge from books.

4) Interactive Education
Imagine a teacher in the classroom goes on nonstop about the topic, without pausing to get the child’s feedback. Without a very fast pace of continuous teaching, the child will not pay attention. Interaction makes the class interesting. It also helps the student understand the concepts better.

5) Clear The Doubts
You can’t interact without understanding. Thus interaction makes a deeper impact.

Ultimately we have been conditioned to lay importance on bookish knowledge by our very own grading system. We fail to understand, what will be more important in the real world – what we learned in the classroom or what we learned in the field.

I definitely agree with the fact that a doctor can’t practice without first learning about the anatomy of the body and that can be learned only through well-written books. But what makes a good doctor is how well he/she is able to diagnose and take corrective measures.

Learning is fun. ‘Learn’, not just your books and try to make learning feel beautiful. Don’t let the burden of studies give you a headache. Improve your knowledge; let the child learn through the application of what he studies through books.

Often there is a lot of pressure in students’ lives, especially in the tenth and twelth class, to get maximum marks in the exam. After getting maximum marks, they can get admission in a good college, so that it can give the right direction to their career. But many students do not get maximum marks, it does not mean that they can not do well in their life or can not be a big achiever.

There can be many reasons for not getting maximum marks , whatever the reason, they need to recognize their speciality, each person has his own specialty, in which they can do their the best. They need to maintain their self-confidence and try continuously in the direction, in which they can use their potential or the work they are interested in.

There are so many people who are not much educated, but despite this, they are a big achiever. You must have heard the name of Bill Gates, the richest person of the world, Bill Gates is a Harvard University drop out student, Dhirubhai Ambani was just a tenth pass.

William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln and Sachin Tendulkar are not much-educated. If you see the celebrities then Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai are not much-educated. Yet they are a big achiever.

However, the importance of education can not be denied in the life, especially in today’s era. But some people are not able to complete their full education or achieve the highest marks due to some reasons, yet they can be a big achiever in their life. At the same time, nowadays, they can complete education through internet sitting at home at any age.

3 Idiots has time and again proved to be an eye-opener. Run behind knowledge not marks. Chichhore also portrays what do students go through in a bid to out do everyone!

Comment below your thoughts on the difficulties you face in the current education system and what needs to be changed. Share this article with everyone and enlighten the people around you. Make the world a better place to live in.

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  1. Soon after my 4th semester I will get a degree in Education and soon I will become a Teacher. As a teacher I too feel that sometimes our marks or grade matter. What matters is your ability, strength, motivation, capability and interest towards something that you want to become. And now in education field the scenerio has been changed. In past the education system was teacher centered but now it is child centered. Students learn by doing, they learn through activities, etc.
    I loved this blog of urs


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