Meri Jaan!

A lot of people boast about their city of residence, I’ve got friends and cousins residing in different cities all around the globe, but none matches Mumbai! ❤️

For some,
Mumbai is a metropolitian 🏗️
Mumbai is nusta city 🌇
Mumbai is a city which never sleeps 🌃
Mumbai is a city with a billion dreams 🌠
Mumbai is the maximum city 🛣️

There are 100s of names like these
For people like me it is an emotion! 🤩

Located in the state of Maharashtra, this city is not just populous, it is also enormous in terms of wealth, businesses and food! 💵 📉 🌮

No one sleeps hungry over here,
People find ways to earn here, etc. 👨🏻‍🚒👨🏻‍⚖️👨🏻‍🔬

With a population of 1.84 crores, you’re likely to face the same unknown person after 23 days. (If you keep roaming for 24 hours). 🦹🏻‍♂️

The city shows it’s beautiful heritage and architecture, 🏰
The variety of food is simply unbeatable, 🍕
There is not a single cast you won’t find here, 💒🕌🕋⛩️
Chai is the national beverage here!, ☕
Markets are such a hit here, you’ll go crazy looking for options, 👗👔👖
Bollywood is situated here!, 🎬
Traveling is the favourite time pass you can do,🏍️🚌🚇
Beaches here take you in a separate world, 🏖️🏝️
Night life here suggests people never sleep,
The artistic works on walls to hide the spit marks is simply brilliant
Lalbaug cha raja,
Wankhede and IPL,
Sharing Auto Queues,
That odd poor kid singing in the trains,
Traffic signals,
Gateway of India,
Queen’s Necklace, and so much more!

There’s a never ending list to this beautiful place

Mumbai is a super power.
With great power comes great responsibility,
People with power have enemies too!
This lovely place has been through a lot!
Despite everything, it manages to keep it’s head high and rise up everytime it falls down

Such is the spirit and enthusiasm amongst people, they simply refuse to bow down
Be it
12th March 1993 Bombings 257 dead, 700+ injured
6th December 2002 Bus Bombings 2 dead, 14 injured
13th March 2003 Train Bombings 10 dead
28th July 2003 Bus Bombings 4 dead, 32 injured
25th August 2003 Bombings 52 dead
26th July 2005 Floods 1094 dead
11th July 2006 Train Bombings 209 dead, 714 imjured
26th November 2008 Taj Hotel Attacks 171 dead, 239 injured
13th July 2011 Bombings 26 dead, 130 injured
29th August 2017 Floods
9th June 2019 Floods

We’ve always been shot in the leg, but we have stood up again
Take Coronavirus for instance, despite battling Coronavirus, we stood firm against Cyclone Nisarga.

Such brave stances brings people from all over the world as migrants here!
Such brave stances make me fall in love with the city over and over again!

Kisine sach hi kaha hai,
Ye hai Mumbai, Meri Jaan ❤️

Aamchi mumbai
The great elephanta caves nearby
Queen’s necklace means the most precious
There’s something different in this air, something more than pretentious
Mumbai is definitely the only warrior
Faced together the greatest of fears
Attacks, floods have surely investigated the city
But Mumbai can wipe off everything with its beauty

Drashti Panorigar

Mumbai is a package of Everything, it has bad days and good days, a platform for some people trying to make a name for themselves, a chaotic jungle for competing with others, a place of mix origin, race, caste and creed, that’s the beauty of Mumbai!
It’s not just another city, it’s a feeling of desire and hope✨

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