How I killed my girlfriend? (Part 2)

⚠️WARNING : This is purely fictitious, there is no reality behind this!

This is not the time I usually wake up at! 🧐
It’s 8 am and my eyes are wide open, staring at the ceiling blankly! 😳

Why was I so obnoxious? 🤔

Because I had killed her! 🙂



(Refer to Part 1 for this story!



But today her sister came to meet me and handed over a letter to me which Saniya wrote before dying!

What she wrote in the letter and how did this suicide turn into a murder
Is going to be unveiled now!

It was a short letter,
It read…

When we started our relationship,
I know a lot of things didn’t work out and a lot of things were not perfect!
But our pair always walked the aisle with hands held together and we faced every problem with ease!
I was crazy for you all this while
And kept forgiving you despite all your mistakes because you did something which no one else did
That was supporting me in fulfilling my dreams
You supported me everytime when my close one’s deserted me
You believed in me when no one else did
You helped me boost my confidence when I was at the lowest
You helped me improve in every possible way and changed me, transformed me into a better person!
I kept on telling you that I needed the old you who loved me and cared for me,
The new you was just jealous, possessive and not someone I loved.

I cried, I begged, I did everything to get you back!
But you didn’t!
I hadn’t lost hope nor did I hate you,
Until yesterday!

When you let your new self over power you and shattered all my dreams!
You didn’t think a moment how would I feel when I would realise that you were responsible for my collapse!
I had no other option but to end my life, as my dreams were my life!

I never believed people
When they said how much it hurts
To have your heart broken
It was me
Lying on my bedroom floor
With mascara running down my face
Gasping for air

So don’t you dare say
You have never killed anyone
Because that night
You killed me!

Reading this letter, I realised how the monster inside me killed her and how I lost the only prized possession I ever had!

In relationships, possessiveness and jealousy should never walk away!
If there is some issue, talk it out
If there is some problem, find a solution for it!

I have nothing but regret left as I have lost her!
Dreams never have an end, you can always start over and find ways to do what you want to do!
If you have the will and the mindset to fulfil your dreams and succeed.
No one can stop you!

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Desai Thoughts MEdia.

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