An honest blog about me!

A few days back, a certain someone prompted me to write about who I am and how not many people know me!
I have a reach of 200,000 + views, some 2500 visitors.
Out of these 2500 visitors, let’s say 1200 odd know the name Dhaval Desai.
Only 10 odd people out of 2500 visitors know the real me.

And today I am out here to share some glorious, controversial and life altering aspects of my life!
I have always been those stubborn types, I try to get what I want and I will not stop at ANYTHING to achieve what I want!
Obviously I did get what I wanted but it always came at a heavy price!
I have received everything that I wanted in one way or the other!

I am 24 years old!
Some still say I am not mature and it is true!
I like to be how I am and how I want to be!

While going hammers and tongs to achieve what I wanted, I have hurt a lot of people and I have lost a lot of them.
I had a very bad habit of twisting words, often called LYING.

I admit to lying to a lot of people about things that weren’t even important according to me but they turned out to be a lot for the one’s I was lying to.

I have knowingly screwed a lot of people out of rage or revenge.
I can say I have ruined a lot of people’s lives and relations.
I can easily qualify as the most hated person to have ever existed.

I have always been an emo wreck!
I forgive too easily!
I can be fooled too easily!

But when I pledge my allegiance to someone, I never back off until I have given my 100%

There are 2 types of people in my life right now:
1. Who know every deed I have done and have deserted me as they don’t trust me and don’t want someone so toxic around them that he can ruin everything


2. Who know every deed I have done and have stuck by my side believing in me and giving me a chance to improve myself.

Also, my upper deck is a little bit damaged
I have a history of mental health issues
I have been seeking help lately.

I am a very extrovert and a shameless person, I have no shame in admitting all these wrong doings
I have lied to people,
I have ruined a lot of things,
I have not stood up to people’s expectations,
I have made myself so busy that those who were once like my Oxygen, no longer intend to even meet me!

I have done all this!

I have never cheated on the one’s I love,
I have never ruined someone’s name just to satisfy my male ego,
I have never thrown anyone down the barrel to be selfish!
A lot of things that I have told people have not been accepted and have been made fun of!
But when I say I am not lying, I am not!
Yes I have gone ways to achieve what I want, but it has always been fair and that’s what life and people taught me to do!

I know some things can never be undone, some people won’t just understand you and rightfully so, but I wish I could undo some of my life decisions!

This certain someone who asked me to write this blog has been very lucky for me and has been very influential in my life.
This person changed me a lot for the better good and helped me mature a bit and take responsibility for my mistakes.

To all those people who hate me, I am sorry but this is exactly how the world is!
To all those people who didn’t come in that 10 people category, judge me if you want to, but I am not that bad
To all those people I lied and hurt, I know sorry won’t work but if it is in anyway possible, let me make up for my mistake and apologise so that before dying, I can die in peace!
To all those people who know me and stayed with me throughout, I Love You!

That’s all Folks!

Next blog will be out soon.
Please share this blog, like it and comment the adversities faced by you!
You can also share your blogs if you want a platform!

Desai Thoughts MEdia.

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