Heart vs Mind

Sometimes, your body speaks to you before you even know what it’s trying to say.

Sometimes, you find yourself standing in front of an opportunity unable to take a step forward. Sometimes, you meet the perfect person and yet cannot bring yourself to commit to them fully. Sometimes, you find yourself withdrawing from a particular set of friends without any real reason why.

Sometimes, your heart knows what’s wrong for you before your mind can catch up.

That’s the tricky thing about intuition: we think that it will come to us in the form of a clear, distinct thought or plan. We think that it will be obvious and instantaneous.

We are often surprised to find it is neither.

Sometimes, instinct presents itself as uncertainty. When we have so much doubt, it is almost always because whatever we are about to do is the wrong thing for us, and we know it deep down. Sometimes, instinct presents itself as confusion. Though everything should be clear, we can’t help but find ourselves lost in our thoughts.

More than anything else, instinct often presents itself not as a distinct knowing, but as a subtle action.

We find ourselves slowly beginning to act without even consciously realizing what we’re doing, and that’s our deepest, most embodied wisdom and intelligence guiding us.

It happens in ways as simple as our body language: we find ourselves crossing our arms, or feeling tense around a certain person. It happens in ways as complex as thinking about taking our career in a different direction and being met with an anxiety — not for change, but as a warning. We know, somewhere inside of us, that this isn’t for us.

Yet what happens is that our mental narrative overrides what our heart is saying, because our thoughts are loud and our instincts are quiet.

Our minds tell us: “This is what you need to do in order to be successful.”

Our minds tell us: “This person would be perfect for you.”

Our minds tell us: “This might be the best there is?”

Our minds tell us: “You’re running out of time.”

Our minds tell us: “It has to be this way.”

But it doesn’t.

Because at the same time, when we find ourselves stalling, stuck, or deeply questioning whether or not something is right, it’s usually because it isn’t.

We’re being called to recognize what our honest and actual desires and intentions are, what we really want out of life. We are being called to wake up to new possibilities, new paths. We are being called to faith, to trust, to knowing that even though we cannot see it all, there is a path in front of us, and we are being called to follow it.

When our hearts stop us by tensing our bodies, by offering us a shadow of doubt, by making us feel highly uncertain, what we are really doing is redirecting.

There is another way to success, one that will make you far happier.

There is another relationship for you out there, one that is much better for you.

There is another opportunity on the horizon, you just haven’t seen it yet.

What’s incredible is that deep down, we often know what’s right for us before we can ever mentally actualize what that might be.

Sometimes, we don’t need to trust our thoughts.

We need to trust the way our bodies are responding to our lives and know every cell within us is embedded with an intelligence that is trying to guide us.

Sometimes, we have to let go, and let it.

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