I matched a guy on OKC who doesn’t exi….

(Based on a true story)

I hate dating apps. I refused to use them for the first — but I’m getting older and I’m getting less interested in the club scene, so it’s going to be hard to meet someone out in public. Not to mention the whole quarantine situation.

A few weeks ago, I caved. I downloaded OkCupid. I matched with a few guys. I didn’t get too attached to any of them, but I did give my number to one. His name was Sam Curtis (name changed). At least, that’s what he said his name was. A nice, normal name. Not too popular to be searched because it was so deniably bland. A way to hide in plain sight.

We spent about a week texting back and forth. Then we escalated to talking on the phone. The chemistry was there. It was undeniable. And God, was he attractive. He had the bluest eyes. Shaggy blond hair. Tanned skin. Muscles visible beneath his tight t-shirt.

He wanted to meet up in person, but I turned him down because the only reason I’ve left my house the last few months was for groceries. I wasn’t risking getting sick to meet some stranger, also he was in the States and I am in India, still we got into a relationship (seeing each other) for some 3 weeks, I hid it from most of my friends as I knew they won’t like me going for a online guy!
It was my birthday, Sam didn’t even wish me, I thought maybe he might have been busy or something.
I got going with my life and then came the volcano, I got the worst news of my life.
Something very personal happened which was heartbreaking.
One fine day he called me, it was a drunk call.
He told me how much he loved me and how my eyes were very lovely, I am an absolute noob when it comes to talking on calls, already being pissed at him, I decided to hear him out and he told me that he’s on a sudden solo vacation (without his daughter who he had due to a failed safe sex with a girl as he wished to move on from his cheating ex-fiance). So he was drunk and told me he’s on a vacation and how much he loves me and tbh I felt he was really cute and was cute as a kid then he tells me he paid 120 USD to stripper to fuck him and I was absolutely numb hearing this but i decided not to react and then he asked me to send my boob pics to him. I denied as I wasn’t comfortable with it.
So then he dozed off and the next day we had a word about this…
I told everything that happened over this drunk call, he didn’t remember a bit of it.
He apologized for asking my pics but he was aggravated over the fact that I felt he was looking cute as a kid. I tried explaining him but to no avail. He then brought up the issue of me being online on WhatsApp as he feels I should talk to my friends over call and stay online for him.
After all this he told me we should end this.

Being an emo fool, I crumbled and broke down and wanted to get through this on my own but some friends are legit Pain In The Ass material and trust me such friends are gold.
So my friend Derek called me up after 3-4 days of almost no contact and told me to share what I am going through.
I was initially reluctant to tell him anything as 2 things, (How foolish of me)
1. He has feelings for me
2. He has more knowledge of the world and technology than me
But I decided to speak up and much to my dismay, he didn’t sweat a tear.
In fact he agreed to help me and lambasted me for being a dickhead friend.
He told me, “If Sam was serious about me, he would wait it out. If he only wanted a hookup, he would move on.”

I guess he has moved on.

Normally, getting ghosted wouldn’t have bothered me much. It had happened plenty of times in the past. But back then, I could get wasted at a bar and scream Taylor Swift songs with my friends and move onto someone new. Stuck in my house, bored and lonely with nothing left to watch on Netflix, even watching Shinchan it was hard to forget about Sam. I became obsessed with finding out what happened to him.

I tried my best to track him down on social media, but I didn’t have any luck. I couldn’t find any of his pages. I tried to do a reverse image search on his profile picture and that didn’t work either.

Eventually, I asked a friend to help me track him down. He worked his ass off to find him with the small amount of information I was able to give him.

It took him twenty-four hours to understand and draw a conclusion. For Sam Curtis. A 26-year-old male who didn’t even exist.
Account location Chiplunkar, No post on Fb or Instagram from 2018.

To be clear, I don’t believe in the paranormal. I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits or monsters.

However, I do believe humans are monsters. I do believe some sicko took that poor boy’s photograph and assumed his identity in order to seduce me. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I had agreed to meet up with him. (And if it weren’t for the pandemic and long distance, I one-hundred percent would have met up with him.)

All I know is that I feel lucky to be alive. And I’m probably not going to use dating apps again anytime soon.

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