Love & Telescopes.

Falling in love is moving your eyes from the end of a telescope to their face, but their eyes are already on you, watching you take in the night sky. Falling in love is driving through the forest at night with the wind in your hair and their hand resting on your leg and you are somehow beautifully and blindly navigating the curves of the road, only to wonder when you’re falling asleep that night how you even got home at all.

So now, when you wander into your backyard and gaze upward, what do you see? Do you remember the night with the telescopes and the burning in your chest or do you lay down on the grass alone, where you swear you can still see the indent of their body and pray to feel something again?

And maybe our reliance on the universe to feel something shows that there is something bigger than ourselves. And if you fell in love under the stars, maybe the burn in your chest is now infinitely intertwined with the galaxies you tried to name that one summer night you can’t get out of your head even if you tried. Humble yourself and look at the stars and imagine the ones before you whose eyes gazed upwards. Life does not move in the perfect pattern you wish it did. Our lives are defined by change, and it is that change that makes it so beautiful.

If you are left broken from the nights you remember, look up once more to the sky and breathe in the realization that every fracture will be reformed once again into an immeasurably beautiful form that was only created through heartbreak. And you’ll realize that life is not concrete. Life is not the stars in the sky or the grass. Life is what you do on that night in the shadows of the stars. Life is the conversations in the grass. So live. Feeling lost and alone doesn’t change the fact that down the road you will be loved in a way that shakes you to your core and challenges everything you thought love was. When you glance back at your life, you realize that every single movement and decision led you to the exact place you are in. So, friend, look forward, and always look up.

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