Those were the days.

(Written by Hatvik Vora)

Remembering those days
When I dozed off in class and had to suddenly wake up when my friend pinched because he knew the teacher was coming close.
When there a gossip going around which I wasn’t part of and I wanted to know so badly about it.
When it was a break and we had “tiffin-party” which was basically all of us ate from the only people who were kind enough to bring 3 tiffins and we all just had one.
When we made excuses to go out for a drink of water and had to hear 10 different types of taunts about how we hate studies.
When there was an assignment submission and 90% of the class was copying since the morning till the very minute their roll no. was called from the 10% who either completed it last night or were the first ones to complete when it was given
When we had to beg to get our confiscated phoned without a fine
When on every mischief we did, one thing was a common repercussion of getting caught: write a letter
When we used to pitch through all the class when an event came up and it was still not enough to fill up a sheet
When we had those insane challenges and bets about any random stupid game in class or the corridor
When we had numerous fights during our college fest but we still tried to make it our best
When we chanted our department to the last of our breaths during a cheer up in the auditorium
It didn’t feel much like a senior or a junior when we would still bitch about them on their face…it felt like brother/sisterhood to just be crazy around your siblings
When we cursed our college a thousand times but we knew we were so blessed to have those thousand memories we created with the stupids we met through it
When it’ll make our heart melt when the college starts to see those stupid faces and feel the energy around
Coz though we’re online and miles apart we just wish to meet them offline and have a chat heart-to-heart


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