Humanity or Religion?

(Written by Hatvik Vora)

Are they so blinded by religion they don’t see any humanity ?

Have their beliefs turned into the absolute need to hope for better while doing nothing to make it better?

Has their faith turned into the reason for chaos in their minds?

While deciding which God to pray, shouldn’t people just pray they don’t lose humanity on the way?

Is it okay if I say they would not find “enlightenment”
while hiding behind the practices
but not feeling the meaning behind it?

not realising what it was meant for,
should they do it just because it was said before?
you think I’m against religion,I’m not

I’m just trying to find the meaning behind it and apply it in a way which wouldn’t lead me to mankind’s rot !!

I’m sorry if you feel I’m insane, it’s fine I understand

I too doubt myself thinking am I a fool playing a wrong hand?
I just hope I make it better.

Maybe I don’t believe or have faith, but I do trust that people will find the true intention and maybe interpret religion to fit it perfectly in a new found reason…

I don’t care about what you do on the outside,
It’s nice to learn 5000 scriptures by heart but it would mean much more if you would apply even 5 of them in their truest nature in your heart…

it’s wonderful to believe that God will make it right but I hope he’s also praying that you would help him in making everything better 🙏💕

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