Moral Support

(Written by Rajvee Dedhia)

Moral support is the basic mental health issue in people. When the efforts are not appreciated people tend to doubt themselves and even stop pursuing it any further.
Physical support might be provided by literally anyone in the contact circle.However, moral support although provided in huge amounts does not matter unless it is from that one person whom you take as an important part of your life.
If only it is in the form of the validation you seek and from the particular person you want it from then the moral support given to you has impact and usefulness.
The need for moral support is very essential in developing your personality. The people you love, your friends and family all ascertain your attitude.
Being mentally happy and having a feeling of being needed, taken well care of reminds an individual of its existence and how he can make others feel the same way. Even a stranger is helpful in making you understand where you stand in terms of social behaviour.
Life is all about learning. Many times people say things they mean and sometimes they even say things they do not really mean. We shouldn’t let things unimportant to us affect us in any negative way. 
When we have the support of each other and everyone around us, it creates a very lively environment. At this moment everything seems alright.
We begin dreaming of our future, in which all these people who connect on a mental level are present.
Planning future is not in your hand alone but in the hands of people who will be in that future you design as well. It is a good thing to think about the future but then if it begins to disturb you then you don’t have the right future yet.
Brainstorming with your loved ones always brings peace to the mind and if you are lucky enough they always understand you and your reasons even though it might be really stupid.
Your loved ones should not bind you with them and their decisions, nor criticise you but i guess constructive criticism is okay?

Written by Rajvee Dedhia
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