(Written by Rajvee Dedhia)

You can make me or break me
By offering counselling without any fee.
Be there right in front of my eyes,
As i keep thinking and time flies.
Moments so sweet when we made them,
All of those memories shinier than any gem.
Now here i am wondering what went wrong,
This pain cannot be healed by any song.
I spent hours trying to figure it out,
All my mind wants to do now is shout.
The sad times that passed then,
Now these days will pass when ?
Had to learn to keep things in my mind,
Something that you arent trying to find.
It is difficult for both me and you,
But chances to come out of this arent few.
Still thinking of the good old days,
They will be here soon my mind says.

Friends and romantic partners really do influence us and our thinking. We all remember the day we found these goofballs. From the day we meet them to that day we realise their importance is a whole journey.
Spending time together doing goofy things, cooking for each other, remembering little details and giving surprises are all the sweet little moments that happen in any relationship about which one is not very focused.
Unlike anniversaries, birthdays and other special days these moments are worth cherishing. However there should not be much pressure to make these moments the best. It should come naturally. It is only then that the true essence of these moments can be maintained.
We tend to go out of our way so that the other person feels happy. But it is not in our hands to ensure that they feel the same way.
Some mistakes, some misunderstandings, some intentional behaviour can be talked out and sorted. This should not be the case of you forgiving them even though they hurt you.
When the brim is reached where you cannot just take it. When you just cannot hold on to each other, a simple act of letting them go does wonders. You need to be strong enough to do that.
When their presence is gone various emotions arise. Sadness being the most powerful among guilt, anger and forgiveness. At this moment you must remember the other times when were so low but you managed to climb back up with a blast.
You must not go back and discuss these problems with the problem-maker. It is of no use. Rather you should fight the problem.
Now you do not know their story. How they managed to move on or forget about the whole thing that happened. It must have been hard for them as well.
If there is a mutual understanding and you both seem to be distraught, issue may be discussed but you should always have on the back of your mind to not let yourself get hurt again.
We can’t live alone for we can’t survive alone. So instances like these of spending times apart happen. It makes people value relations. If they still don’t learn we can’t blame ourselves. Can we?

Written by Rajvee Dedhia
You can follow her on Instagram at :


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