Turning 22!

(Written by Ketan Thube)

Oh no, I’m twenty two
And still single, what do i do?
Why can’t I find a man?
This wasn’t the society’s plan.
Is my skin too dark?
Or do I not have that spark?
Are my hips too broad?
Or is it because I’m not awed?
Why won’t I find a man?
I wonder, every single time
Is it because I can’t function a pan?
Or because I like going out past bedtime?

While all these questions stayed very much alive
Another one deeply troubled my man?
Why must I be married?
And why is everyone so damn worried?
Why is there a predefined time frame?
Why is not following it a huge matter of shame?
I mean, what is up with the hurry?!
What’s the need for this flurry?
Why should I get depressed for this unauthorised rule?
That has been taught to us since the age of high school?
I don’t need a man for some external validation
And I will not be a part of this stupid dictation
And neither should you be a part of this
It’s okay to be the piece that just won’t fit 🙃

Written by Aakansha Jain
You can follow her on Instagram at :

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