Where are you lost?

(Written by Hatvik Vora)

hey man ..where are you lost
between the trains and the ever hustling journey to survive have you forgotten where your peace lies?
hey man, where are you lost
among the thousand choices you make daily have you really forgotten what you really wish for?
hey man where are you lost
pleading from the bottom of your heart for some social attention have you really forgotten whom did you intend to give your attention to?
hey man where are you lost
thinking about all the wonderful things you are going to do don’t you realise that you need to put exactly the same amount of wonderful effort for it?
hey man where are you lost
trying to create an ideal and perfect life have you given up on agreeing that mistakes and imperfections are as beautiful as the learning curve they follow?
hey man, where are you lost with all the greed to ahead have you forgotten that roots inside the ground are the strongest source of happiness?
hey man, wherever you are lost
make sure you come back where your true happiness and peace lies…
inside your heart.

Written by Hatvik Vora.


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