A reminder for you to leave the girl who can’t commit to you!

The most frustrating thing about dating is when you meet a girl who tells you all the beautiful adjectives that she knows of, but still makes you doubt if the words that are coming out of her lips are true. You find it hard to believe that a girl, who looks like someone from a magazine, can really be attracted to you.

For a moment, you think: Maybe she is going to be your next mistake. Maybe you’re reading her intentions to you the wrong way. Or, maybe she only needs something from you and she’s just being polite.

But when she tells you that she likes you, you know that it’s more than just an act of politeness. You respond by saying you feel the same way, while your heart is jumping up and down inside your chest.

Everything happens so fast — one minute you’re discussing random things in life, the next minute both of you are revealing what you love about each other. She appears to be the perfect girl everyone wants to have in their lives. She, unlike other girls, knows exactly what she wants for her future. She’s mature and responsible and sweet. She’s the kind of girl you’ll feel ashamed to take for granted.

But there’s one catch, she’s not interested in having a serious relationship with you. And that’s when it occurs to you that she is too good to be true.

You ask yourself if you can stomach dating someone casually, if you’re okay with not having labels, if you can be emotionally invested to a girl who can drop you out of her life anytime that she wants. She can start casually be with a guy who she once obliterated and now he becomes her everything. That smug faced trans guy who once betrayed her is now her forever thing. LOL.
You ask yourself if it’s worth it to fall in love with someone who can’t — and maybe will never — commit to you.

You give yourself time to think about it and you end up realizing that the answer is simply a no.

Whatever words she fed into your brain might not be true, because if a girl really means what she’s saying, it will reflect on her actions. There will be no broken promises, no confusing gestures, no hidden motives. If she really loves you, she will fight for you.

But once a girl openly tells you that she can’t meet you halfway, be brave enough to leave.

Losing a girl who can’t be so sure of you isn’t really a loss. You are only wasting your time building your hope for something that’s going to hurt you in the end.

Don’t ever think that you’re wasting an opportunity by walking away from a girl whose physical appearance melts the coldness inside your heart. Don’t ever assume that you’ll never find someone like her. And don’t ever feel like you’re a fool for discontinuing your association with her.

You are worth more than just a question mark in someone’s life. You are not born to be kept on the waiting list. You are not here to beg for a girl to make you her one and only.

If she can’t commit to you — walk away from her, don’t look back, move somewhere, and have hopes that along the way, you’ll bump into a girl who will not even think twice about considering you as one of the most important persons in her life. You’ll stumble upon a girl who’s smart enough to realize that someone like you only comes once in a blue moon. Someone like you is as rare as a gem and deserves to be kept safe and protected.

You don’t have to force yourself to be stuck with a girl who doesn’t know if she wants you to be part of her future. You are not obligated to prepare a big speech about why you’re cutting ties with the girl that everyone is dying to have in their lives.

You can quietly leave when something doesn’t feel right, when your gut signals you to go, when disaster is about to strike. You can say goodbye to her for good when it’s too obvious that your relationship with her will eventually turn sour, because spending further time with her will only rob you the opportunity of meeting the girl who, without a doubt, will want to be with you until the end of time.

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