(Written by Hatvik Vora)

oh hey it’s quarantine period
let’s see what’s new in our households !
Maa is now the manager
dad does the dishes but he always has to hear
“isme se aadhe bartan to vaapas dhone padege”
us kids do the jhaadu pocha but we always have to hear
“ye aur vo corner me kittni dhool hai”
mom fills our stomach and she always hears
“waah kya yummy and tasty khaana banaya hai “
yeah she’s perfect
can’t realise how she always passes the test
even though it’s waking up at 6
even after late night movies
our breakfast she never misses
dekha jaaye toh quarantine toh hamare liye abhi hua
but mom was always staying at home and keeping us safe
never a day in her life she complained about “getting bored “
well now that we have flexible work from home hours
I don’t think mom will ever get them coz we obviously need to have our meals on time
coz we obviously have office and colleges at a fixed time right?
so I mean she always has to make her time flexible around us right?
there are a thousand superheroes we know
I’m here to start a fandom that needs to grow
to all the mothers out there
spreading love and laughter everywhere
knitting the whole family together
let’s be in fandom #SuperMaa forever.

Written by Hatvik Vora.


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