My Mind Has Asthma

(Written by Hatvik Vora)

My mind needs room to think
It is breathing heavily
It feels like I’m on the brink
Edges call me
To trip over and fall
Don’t have the guts
Or I would’ve done it for sure
It’s boxed in
My mind
There’s no room to breathe
It needs fresh air
Devoid of straits
Needs a sea
To go on an open voyage
Like a sailor
Command my ship of thoughts
To a place where I’ll never be lost
I want to be with me
Help me
To meet the guy I was
The guy I shoud have been
Confident and fearless
Kind and compassionate
Leaving a trail of happiness
Wherever he goes
Not euphoria’s death
Sucking out joy from people’s life
Am I a cursed child born on the darkest night?
One who opened up the Pandora’s box?
Believe me please
I wish I was
The man they want me to be
Man up and don’t cry
It’s a cowards work
You feel fear and let your tears roll
Panic and anxiety is not your foe
Get on your ground
Be glad
You’re the guy they couldn’t be
Able to empathize
Able to cry
Is what they should be
It’s easy to brave up and bottle it
But too hard to show that you’re leaking
Fear through those eyes
I’m grateful that
The guy I am is not the one they intended me to be
Rather the one
Who can help someone in need
Only if he understands what it means
To be on the other end
He can truly give
What is required in times of defeat

Written by Hatvik Vora.

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