He is an asshole.

He’s not your almost boyfriend, not even your recently found or made bestfriend. He’s just an asshole who picks and chooses when he wants to acknowledge your existence. He glances at your texts and ignores them for weeks, then lays the flirting on thick when he actually decides to answer you because he doesn’t want you mad at him.He is the one who wishes to be your friend for the fame and the name. He wants you to stay infatuated with him. He doesn’t want you dating anyone else, but he doesn’t have plans to date you either. He wants to be free to play the field, but he also wants to know you’ll be waiting for him when he gets back. He wants to know you aren’t going anywhere. He wants to go to Starbucks and take hickeys in the washroom. He wants to break other girls’ relationships so that he can spend time with them. He will unsave other people’s numbers just to make you feel special and thinking that others’ are nuts.

He’s not your almost boyfriend. He’s just an asshole who texts you whenever he’s wasted because he wants something from you. He invites you out for drinks at the last minute, deep into the night, because he had zero plans of seeing you earlier in the day. The thought only popped into his head as soon as he started feeling lonely or horny or a combination of the two.

He’s not your almost boyfriend. He’s just an asshole who uses you for sex. He expects you to give him exactly what he wants without any intention of giving you what you want. Yes, he probably knows you want more. He probably knows you would rather be in a serious relationship. He probably knows it bothers you when he kisses other girls or waits weeks to answer your texts. But he’s choosing to ignore your feelings. He’s choosing to pretend you’re as comfortable with the situation as him because he doesn’t want things to change. He likes things exactly the way they are right now.

He’s not your almost boyfriend. He’s just an asshole who leads you on because he likes the way you make him feel. Confident. Sexy. Desirable. He doesn’t give a shit about whether he’s hurting your feelings, whether he’s going to break your heart somewhere down the line. He’s too busy worrying about his own feelings, his own sense of worth. When you’re not around, he’s not thinking about how much he’s hurting you. He’s thinking about how much someone else has been hurting him

He’s not your almost boyfriend. He’s just an asshole who ghosts you while he’s out having fun with other people and runs back acting like nothing has changed. In his mind, nothing has changed. He doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. He doesn’t think it’s a bad thing he’s seeing other people when you’ve never put a label on your relationship. That’s the problem. He’s not thinking. Not about you.

He’s not your almost boyfriend. He’s just an asshole who gives you just enough attention to keep you interested. To keep you chasing after him. To keep you from finding someone else who will treat you the right way.

He’s not your almost boyfriend, so please, stop trying to date that asshole. Stop settling for someone who doesn’t appreciate you and everything you have to offer and someone who doesn't even qualify to be called a man.


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