Show off!

Do not hide your girlfriend away in your bedroom. Do not take her for fast food on date nights and drive her straight back to your bedroom instead of sitting down in restaurants where you risk being seen by other people. Do not avoid being seen with her in public because you are trying to keep your relationship a secret and are worried about anyone finding out you are together.

If you are dating her, if you are dedicated to only her, then you should be proud to show the world your love. You should be excited to be seen with her, not embarrassed.

Do not hesitate to change your relationship status online. Do not ‘forget’ to mention her to your parents and closest friends. Do not keep her away from the people who mean the most to you because that behavior is suspicious. It is a red flag that will make her wonder whether you are serious about her or whether you are only stringing her along.

If you love your girlfriend, then you should feel comfortable showing her off. You should introduce her to your family and have dinner together. You should take her out for drinks with your friends so she can feel like part of the group. You should invite her to holiday parties with your coworkers so they can put a face to the name you keep talking about during every shift. You should make sure she meets all of the important people in your life so she feels included and admired.

If you are crazy about her, then you should post pictures of her on social media. You should write statuses about how much you love her on your anniversary, even though you’ll risk looking corny. You should like her selfies seconds after she posts them to make her feel pretty. You should leave fire and heart eye emojis in the comments. Complimenting her behind closed doors is nice, but she wants others to hear your words too.

If you love her, then you should hold her hand during movies and while walking through stores. You should wrap your arm around her and kiss her on the forehead, even if other people are watching. You should make sure she knows how much you appreciate her — and not only when you’re alone.

Show off your girlfriend. Don’t chicken out of saying I love you when your friends are around because you are worried about looking whipped. Don’t treat her differently in public because you are trying to seem cool. You should be treating her just as kindly when your friends are around as you do when it’s only the two of you.

If you care about her happiness, show her off. Don’t make her feel like you are ashamed of her or like you are hiding her away so you can appear single and keep your options open.

If you are serious about the relationship, make her feel special, like she is someone worth showing off. 

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