You don’t know me!

(Written by Anchal)

Do you ever see me the way i see you, or do you ever just see me? Did you even notice that I exist?

If not, I will tell you…

Hey, I’m someone who’s always been looking at you, looking for you regardless of where I am and who I’m with because there’s no one else i want to look at, in this whole world, not even myself.

I’m someone who’s always been wanting you to know that my endless love for you exists more than i do, the love that I’ve always wanted you to feel, the love that i failed to express, the love that I know you know i have for you, but you still ignore it like anything

I’m someone who’s always been ready to do anything for you, whatever you want whenever you want, just to see you happy and smiling even if i get a heartache i will still do that for you, yes i will.

I’m someone who’s always been waiting…waiting for you to understand my love for you and even if it takes you  an eternity to do it, I’m okay with it, i’ll be here laying my eyes on the ground to see your feet coming towards me with the same love….ah it feels like I’m asking for too much.

I’m someone who’s trying my best to get you, your trust, your love, putting those constant efforts that someone should, to get an asset like you, I’m trying my best to be worthy of you, to be good enough to be noticed by you !

I’m someone who’s still going to try, put efforts and wait for you…no matter what…. i always will

Because I’m someone who loves you forever and ever!

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10 thoughts on “You don’t know me!

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    1. Hey, you always make me feel the stuff you write.. very beautiful and very deep.. I would love to Read more.. good job.. keep it up!! ❤️✨


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