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To read “LIFE” may just seem to be a collection of letters more precisely just “4” letters, but these “4 letters” come along with a lot of meaning to it. It is a whole lot of a roller coaster ride wherein we face a lot of ups and downs, highs and lows but these get along with a lot excitement and nervousness as well.

There comes a time when we are so motivated that we can even conquer the world but there are times as well when we feel so demotivated that we even think to an extent that we aren’t worth of anything.

It is rightly said, “The first (BIRTH) and the last (DEATH) pages of our lives are already written, we just need to fill in the pages between”.

In our Book of LIFE, it is we ourselves who are the authors of our joys and sorrows, our decisions and actions eventually lead us to being happy or sad.

So lets be wise enough to take decisions which would give us mental peace because at the end “OUR OWN LIFE” matters.

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