This too shall pass!

(Written by Jhalak)

why to overthink a situation?

why to harm yourself?

why to cry over a failed relationship? why to have sex for your frustration?

why to get an addiction of smoking and liquor? apparently the “WHY” list won’t stop but you can cheer yourself by remembering the fisrt time; when your childhood friend turned into family,

when you went to club, when your crush said ‘hey/smiled’,

when you learnt to cook your fav dish,

when you bought a present for your parents, when you helped a stranger; soo.. these aren’t gonna end up too but atleast it

made you smile 🙂 soo live every moment, this shall too pass!

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  1. Hello ma’am, u beautiful, u type beautiful, ma’am big fan ma’am, selfie ma’am? (Jk that was cool btw) ma’am big fan ma’am, meet soon ma’am.


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