Untold Words!

(Written by Anchal)

Hey you,
I always wonder if you miss me or not, if you ever think about me or not. You did not tell me if you ever loved me or not. I still feel you had feelings for me. But I have no answer to the ultimate tragic question that “Where did those feelings go?” It would be better if I start to believe that you never really loved me or cared about me at all. But I cannot really forget the moments I felt when I was with you. I don’t want to forget those mesmerizing memories of us but it brings along the truth that you’re not the one you used to be, not my “the one” anymore. And I know I cannot make you love me ever. I think it was all a bluff. Everything you said, everything you did was a joke and I was the clown! You never realized how much I loved you and cared about you. I gave my everything to you, like legit everything. I had you in my heart, I still do but that doesn’t even matter to you or anybody else. It was all a hoax for you and everyone else out there. I did not know someone can be this good at pretending fake love.

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