We didn’t belong together but it was worth the experience!

We didn’t belong together, so you should focus your energy on the beautiful future that’s awaiting you instead of worrying about the past that you were forced to leave behind. There’s nothing wrong with replaying beautiful memories in your head and being thankful for the time you spent together, but you need to remember missing someone doesn’t automatically mean you should reunite with someone. It doesn’t mean they’re supposed to be back in your life.

We didn’t belong together, so even though you might feel miserable right now, going your separate ways is actually a positive, productive thing. Without them, you can start thinking about what you want from this world. Not what you thought you wanted when you were with them. Not what your best friends or parents want. Not what society pressures you to want. What you, as an individual, actually want.

We didn’t belong together, so there’s no sense in thinking through the what-ifs. No matter how hard you fought for the relationship, no matter how long you stayed, it never would’ve worked out in the end. Your relationship always had an expiration date. You were never going to achieve true happiness together. You might have learned a lot as a team, but you needed to part ways in order to grow into the best versions of yourself.

We didn’t belong together, so you shouldn’t beat yourself up over all the things you did wrong. It’s important to learn from your mistakes and grow from your past, but even if you were the definition of perfect, the relationship would have gone downhill eventually. You shouldn’t feel responsible for the whole thing ending. You shouldn’t hate yourself over not being enough. You weren’t right for each other, but you’ll be the perfect fit for someone else.

We didn’t belong together, but you couldn’t have known that from the start. You shouldn’t feel stupid for missing the red flags, the subtle signs that you were never going to work as a couple. Sometimes, you need to date someone and really get to know someone before you can determine whether they’re right for you. It’s not always obvious on the first date.

We didn’t belong together, but that’s okay. Most people take a while to find their forever person. They have to date around quite a bit in order to figure out what works. You don’t have to meet your match when you’re young. You don’t have to meet your match at all. You can find genuine happiness on your own. You can live a life that makes you fulfilled with or without a partner.

We didn’t belong together, but that doesn’t mean the time we spent together was time wasted. The laughs we shared were genuine. The love you gave was real. You shouldn’t regret being with someone who made you happy once upon a time. You should be thankful for the wonderful moments you spent together, and for all the wonderful moments awaiting you now that you’re apart. 

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