Confessing My Insecurities To A Stranger!

(Written by Alifya Cyclewala)

The guy I am sleeping with,

It’s been 1095 days since I have had someone feel my skin, and see me in my most vulnerable form, a form in which I am the most easy to manipulate and the form in which I am the most childish and free.

It’s been 26280 hours since I have had someone breathing on my skin, kissing each inch and calling me their. It’s been long since I’ve heard my name. It’s been long since I have heard someone crave my name.

It’s been 9.461e+7 seconds since I have thought of someone so long that I have lost track of time. It feels like eons having held my sanity in my palm and never cross the path that lies between my pleasure and my monotone reality.

But today, I set myself free. I let you touch me, breathe in my breath and whisper my name in my ears and send tingles down my spine. Be so lost in your arms that the time decides to take a break and the eons turn to eternity and I am still with you, in my most vulnerable form, in the form that sets me free, in the form that I break into a million pieces and you love each one of them.

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