Confessing My Insecurities To A Stranger (Part 2)!

(Written by Alifya Cyclewala)


My 50th date in 3 years,

It’s been years since I have shared even a fragment of vibe with someone. And you might be overjoyed to know that we sync. We complete each others sentences and we laugh like we are kids and need no reason to be carefree.

Our screens have been lighting up our nights for more than 4 weeks. It’s like you have crossed the threshold. You are now a part of the league I believe can stick around longer. But as you ask me out, my hands shiver, my anxiety finds a crack in my composure and it spreads, all across my mind and my face and my tears seem to get a new life.

I still write confidently through those tears that I am excited to see you. And here I am, biting my nails, checking myself in the mirror, telling myself to not get my hopes up. Because you might just walk away. My anxiety and my fear it shows up, right in my eyes.

I beg you to stay with my eyes, and my fear, it meets your eyes and it finds a way to creep into you. I see it now, clear as a crystal. This night, food and you. It’s all going to fade away. As the clock strikes 12, you will vanish in your pumpkin carriage, and I will be roaming around with your shoe – a severed bond that we had and I will try to fit everyone in that same stencil. I promised to you that I look at you as a different person. But it seems I lied. I walk with a million severed bonds and a million stencils hoping you’d fit right into it.

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