‘Loving people doesn’t save them.
Love doesn’t heal. It isn’t a miracle.
It’s just a chemical reaction designed to elate you
for a while.
And like all the chemical reactions, it’s perilous.’

This past week I stumbled upon a book called RUINS.

Ruins is a collection of 30 poems – poems that will hit you like a bullet and fill your heart with strewn rose petals and are like a graveyard of your broken pieces.

Ruins narrates the stories of ruins left behind by love, heartbreak, and death.
The book is also an attempt to heal the brokenhearted, and comfort the crying. It’s a pillow of hope for the sleepless and a poetic escapade for the art savant.

The writer Suvrahadip Ghosh hopes to engrave words that’ll live through time and elate generations.
And he hope when you read them, you’ll find an abode in his poems.

Ruins is about you, me, and all of us.

RUINS is a homage to every one of you who’s ever loved and lost, either the person or yourself on the path to forever. It’s a letter to your broken heart, a reminder, that you’re not alone. That at the end of this tragic path, you’ll find love, again. And this time it’ll stay. All you have to do is walk. This book will be your guiding light. It’ll be your companion on this painful journey. In its verses, you and all your broken parts will find a home. And much more.

You can connect to him on his IG at

You can get the book on Blue Rose Publishers.

Here’s the book’s Amazon link.

Here’s the book’s Flipkart link.

Born in West Bengal and raised in Gujarat,
Suvrahadip Ghosh is an engineer turned writer.
He loves dissecting words and got himself published
in some major anthologies- including one with Durjoy Dutta.
His other passions include Football, Animes, and Rap Music.
Lionel Messi, Naruto, and Eminem being his biggest inspirations.
He also loves getting inked.
And the only thing he’s ever been careless about is his introduction.

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