Valentine’s with pinch of love for world.

Hey, so its Dhimahi!
And this is my first blog here please be patience and read!

So what’s new thing up?
Yes, today is Valentine’s but do you think vanlentine’s is enough for whole year to love and spread love?
Here’s the thing,
It’s just not about you or your lover it is about everyone.
Single’s please don’t be sad if you don’t have the one, because you’ve more precious relation’s of your family and friends whom you can spend valentine with!

Let’s say if you have a valentine and you spend whole day together with love, respect and gift’s but you see there is something missing?
Any guesses?

Let me answer you, the thing what is missing is to spread love everywhere, you know vanlentine is a common in uncommon day, but that doesn’t mean it’s just you and your lover.
Valentine can be with anyone just a small step and here you go spreading love everywhere!

Let’s spend this valentine helping a needy with love, making your mom and sister happy, wishing your dad and brother with surprises, a small talk and sharing a pinch of happiness with sadly poor people and make their day the best!

Lastly, in this world a small step to spread love can make the whole thing new, different and appreciating! So let’s goo on this journey with all love, support and happiness. And please don’t forget to love yourself as well!

And that’s my time.
Thank you for being so patient!


Next blog will be out soon.
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Desai Thoughts MEdia.

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