Is Age a barrier in love?

And thats me!

This term barrier is used very often, there many barriers we face in life. Where some’re important and some’re not! When i say there are many you may come up with different but here stcking to a topic is love.

You know there is a age barrier in love! Allthough we are very close to overcome that barrier being in the space of different generstions and thinking process.

You know i personally feel that when you say love is blind then how can you see the age being blind this may seem funnyand people do say ” Oh bhai teri bandi itni badi hai ” OR ” Oh you are too big for her ” may i ask here WHY?

Just let me is there any rule for age gap couples? NO! Then lets think it completely in a positive way not just ignore but support! I know there is no new talking but just making you aware that if you say ” love is blind ” then mean it!

Examples for this y’ll know. So lastly lets be best in someones life and not changing yourself but loving yourself!♥️


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