Reel and Real Life

Can we just dicuss what is real and reel these days? Not just asking you to define but i feel there is a threadline different between both!

You know spreading hate is not an option because hate is already out there. Your reel life says to spread love from the real life. Can’t be more confusing as we say that be real on social media which can’t happen. Because we all never share your sadness on social media just to say that i can be sad please praise me. No! You should know reel life cannot be real. Your real life struggle won’t say that you have these number of followers so life will be simple for you. NO! The time where you want someone besides you your follower won’t take a stand unless you have done something for them.

So real life is where you can be what you exactly are! And when i say be real on social media means to showcase yourself, spread love and let other’s see you as a true inspiration to grow with all strength and by conveying that hate can be vanish if we spread love to the world!! Make a better place for new generation!



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Desai Thoughts MEdia.

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