Your happiness matters!

Hello loveliess!!
Can we appreciate the fact that we are always showcasing our happiness more on instagram rather than in real life?
So do you even compare your happiness on instagram?
Don’t you feel their should be something who makes you happy?
Okay enough with the questions!

Comparing yourself with others is not so okay but can you just look at yourself and start competing with yourself.
Lets say you should make yourself happy or just showcase the wrong thing on instagram just to fit in the hyped ig these days!

Hey just to clear it STOP COMPARING YOUR HAPPINESS ON INSTAGRAM! Or thinking if positive way START MAKING YOURSELF HAPPY RATHER THAN JUST SHOWING YOURSELF HAPPY TO OTHERS! Can i say that you will be happy by heart not by filters? So lets make the world so much happy that we can smile and laugh without filter!♥️
Happy happiness♥️

  • Dhwirtes!

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Desai Thoughts MEdia.

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