The story of Zoya related to your life

Helloss everyone!!

So today, lets talk about a girl named Zoya!
Zoya was a very jolly girl and she used to love telling jokes and making people laugh.
But deep down she was very alone and depressed just for one reason that she wasn’t able make everyone happy and not make herself happy. As sometimes her jokes were repeated so everyone used to say please find something new!

Here comes our today’s topic, why to be depressed at one situation when we cant laugh on one joke twice! You all must be thinking if Zoya is depressing without reason, so can i ask you if you’re depressing with reason at times?

Let’s say you have one life when why not stay happy and forget what makes you sad! Or say this be Zoya but make sure you are not depressed or sad! Your live your life with flying colors and make a rainbow!!


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