Maybe it’s me!

Not a intro but may be it’s me who is the intro and the outro who can wash out like sound.

Maybe it’s me who is not fullfilling the point of view of my parents. Or it’s my passion that I am fighting for with all my heart!
Is it really me? Or I am just being overrated? So many questions in my mind but there’s no answer. When I look up to what I really am, then I am just a girl who is damn passionate and achiever. But when someone has a idol, their I have no idol and I don’t follow any role model. My role model is me and I always motivate myself for anything what I love!

Letting you know one thing, there is NO ONE at the end with you to stand by and help you out! It is YOU under the spotlight where you hussled and struggled and made the way to the spotlight! It is you and yourself who should be proud at you! Make sure no one is your life except you! All will be A PART of you life but the time comes when you are alone and you will be successful no matter what! Believe in you. Love if not fake its just you are not getting one when we say ‘Destiny is what you make not what is already made. And if it is already made when why would god punish us for what we do! And if we are making then maybe god if sitting and waiting to punish us! Its your deed love! Just be nice to everyone and everyone will realise your importance at the end!’

And thats my time! Thankyou!

  • Dhwrites!♥️

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