Date someone like this!

Don’t date someone who makes excuses to avoid giving oral. Someone who claims that he hates the taste, that it hurts his neck, that you take too long to cum. Someone who finds a reason to avoid putting his head down there every time you’re in the mood.

Don’t date someone who selfishly expects to get an orgasm every time your clothes come off but won’t bother to return the favor. Don’t date someone who thinks it’s perfectly fine to push your head down but it’s unacceptable for you to sit on his face. Don’t date a sexual hypocrite.

Date someone who goes down on you, even when it’s not your birthday or anniversary or some other special occasion. Someone who eats you out spontaneously, without you having to ask for it. Without you having to beg for it. Without you having to remind him that you deserve attention, too. That sex isn’t supposed to be one-sided.

Date someone who goes down on you — even if it takes you thirty minutes to finish. Someone who doesn’t get annoyed with you for being unable to orgasm as quickly as he does. Someone who understands that women take more time than guys do because their bodies work differently.

Date someone who puts effort into learning what turns you on. Someone who will try new techniques and then actually pay attention to see whether you’re moaning or squirming more. Someone who notices what you like and dislike so that he can be better the next time.

Date someone who goes down on you without complaining. Without acting like it is a chore. Without acting like he just did something spectacular after he’s done and like you should be bowing down to him for being the best boyfriend in the universe. Date someone who doesn’t think of giving oral as something extra he’s doing, but thinks of it as something he should be doing. Because if you’re giving him blowjobs during every period, the least he can do is try to catch up during the rest of the month.

When it comes down to it, you should date someone who respects you outside and inside of the bedroom. Someone who knows sex isn’t all about his pleasure. Someone who knows he isn’t the only one who is supposed to get something out of the deal. Someone who thinks you deserve a release as much as he does.

Date someone who tries to give you as many orgasms as he gets. Someone who doesn’t mind working hard to get you to finish. Someone who does whatever he can to get you off, because he knows that you are doing the exact same thing. He knows that you are giving just as much as he is giving.

Date someone who actually enjoys going down on you because he thinks you look hot when you’re horny. Because turning you on turns him on. Because he is madly in love with you and wants to make you happy in every possible way. 

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