Feel for you

Today I met a stranger online, yes I said online because I know many of us think that meeting someone online is not trustworthy.
So I thought by writing blog I should share my experience.
I met a stranger ,when I said stranger it means that person is completely unknown for me , I don’t know him , I have never seen him but that one random text changed my life into colours. Like everyone I also thought of not trusting him , obviously how can I trust him right? But then gradually when we interacted with each other , we got to know each other . Still i think , why am I talking to him ? Am i going on a right track ? But that feel is pushing me to think for him all day all night . I tried to stop myself by not texting him , by keeping myself involve in other things like i was distracting myself but then I realize that this is the feel that is attracting me towards him .
We started interacting on calls,we shared our problems,our habits,our likes dislikes,our friends families,our past and Now i got addicted to his voice which gives me positive energy every time ..its like i have to talk to him without fail everyday ..
Yes i feel for him from deep inside my heart , You know what he taught me how to love yourself,and the amazing part is that he helped me heal from my past my worst past experience and now that made me feel for him so strongly because of this feel I cannot love in moderation……
Actually , we should not love in moderation .
Why to measure love , feelings ?
We must express our feelings without any doubt ,without any hesitation. If we really feel for someone , they should know about our feelings for them..I did the same thing. I told him how much i feel for him, how much I am affected by him . Yes,he is the person who helped me to overcome from my worst past . He knows my flaws my weakness he is completely aware of how I got so much involved in my past and how I use to hurt myself but he taught me that instead of hurting myself I should learn to respect myself and to love myself . He always use to say
“know your worth”.
For me this is love where we try to dissolve all the negativities from our life partner…He did the same …and therefore i always say that I feel positive vibes when i am around him . Now i don’t stop myself being around him. He became the reason of my smile and happiness. Usually i get stressed and get afraid of again losing love and happiness from my life but again my healer my love says that
” SENORITA JUST GO WITH THE FLOW ” and makes me smile again…
We love each other and expressed our love for each other .
“Love,Express Your Love,Spread Love”

Written by Vidhi Mehta


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