What is Maturity?

Age is an extremely relative topic. It’s just a number, and yet it is interpreted as a measure of maturity. Age is not maturity, just as maturity is not age. And even after that distinction, “being mature” is not just a simple blanket term, you have the capacity to take certain things in a more mature way than others.

Not to come off as arrogant, but look at me. I lost my sister when I was in the second grade, the victim of a disease that has no cure. Her loss, shattered the family completely and I was in a state of turmoil. Needless to say, I learned relatively quickly how to handle being alone, and how to take care of myself and my own best interests. Now, some could say that has made me mature beyond my years, I’ve heard it many a time before. And yet, I have a difficult time handling myself “maturely” in relationships. I’m not “mature” dealing with certain types of people or social situations. And I’m definitely not mature when it comes to disclosing my thoughts and emotions to others, on the rare occasion I might actually share such feelings.

Does that mean I’m actually an aged and jaded adult, and not a teenager? No.
Does that mean then that I’m not actually “mature?” Of course not.
Judge people for how they act and who they are, not their labels or measure of years passed.

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5 thoughts on “What is Maturity?

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  1. Experiences make a person wise. Maturity is a complete concept of trial and error where a person grows with each experience and doesn’t repeat it when it sees the same patterns again and tries another alternative. But only time can help that person out of it. No matter for how long they try to get out of something they’ll be stuck there until the right time comes and catapults them out of the loop.

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