Friendship (By Nishika Gala)

“There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.”
The above quote makes so much sense. Whenever you meet a new person, you start knowing each other and eventually you become good friends and the journey starts. The journey from sharing each other’s food to sharing our whole day with one another, from meeting each other’s family to become one. Let me tell you about my best friend. It all started with staring each other in the class and judging each other like “Oh! She seems like she is a scholar”, “ew! Teacher ki chamchi” and it goes on.
But have you ever thought that not all friends stay for life time? Whenever we have a fight with any of our close friend’s we most of the times end up not talking to them. But have we ever given it thought of going and clearing the misunderstandings? Something like that happened with me last week. I and one of my best friends from school had a fight which led to not talking to each other for days. We used to talk daily and meet once in a week. We actually had a place in each other’s family. When I told my mom about our fight she suggested me to go and talk to her and clear the things out. But I did not do so. Then later on after a few days again she asked about her and I told her that we aren’t talking. She again told me to clear things with her. Then for once I had a talk with my friend and we cleared all the misunderstanding. Later that day I thanked my mom for forcing me to talk to her. She then told me that “whenever your friend’s families are aware of the bond that you share with your friend, the bond will last forever” and I felt it.

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