A coffee date! (By Mayuri Gopani aka Misnaming Diaries)

A boy and a girl from different backgrounds fall in love regardless of their upbringing. Never had this feeling before.
It was a glorious , beautiful day ..
We’d left the coffee shop but then he pulled me inside ,saying “c’mon, let’s be basic cool dudes and get some pumpkin spice.
I don’t like coffee. I never had.
But when he handed over to me with that blushing face and a cute smile on his lips , it was the best thing I’d have had ever tasted.
My hand still tingled where he grabbed it.
And then we had a little chat him asking me
“Who do you like?” He whispered
And I looked away but deep inside I wanted to let him know that it is you , you the thousand times and more. You are the only one I could think about. You’re super cool , handsome and funny..and I always love the way you tilt your hairs..
But unfortunately I looked down at my cup and shrugged my shoulders.
He looked at me “as if he already knew what was the truth” and said “what if I tell you about mine?” Will you tell me yours.-?
Okay I said.
And then the story begins !.


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