You are not always a part of what is meant for you! (By Dhimahi Jani)

You are not always a part of what is meant for you!

This is always a reality check of not being a part of what is meant to you! It is always either this or that.

Hello all! After a long but hope you appreciate!
We have always said that what is meant to you will be yours. But here I’m saying opposite because this is what reality is.

There is always somethings which you think you’ll be a part of but you end up doing something else. Is this what karma says? Basically karma is always what we think rather than what is there according to us!

Let me answer what I said. You are having two different competitions and in which one is your favourite but you are not able to be a part of. So this is what I mentioned that the competition was meant for you but you were not a part of then what is the point of believing what is meant to you will be yours.

Now I know some will say you’ll get it life is long, start believing. Yes you might be right or might be wrong but when you were in need of that competition certificate you didn’t get it. Then maybe what I said will be somewhat true.

I say Be a achiever not a believer. Because when you start dreaming of achieving you automatically start believing! On a good note don’t think of what is yours. Just start achieving and that will be considered yours!

Hace that confidence and being confident on yourself! Thank you!🤍

  • Dhimahi🤍

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