To lakes and you!

I took a walk along the eastern lakeshore this morning. The one with a view that glitters in the daylight and splashes in melodies at night. And it made me think about how beautiful nature and the water’s magical combination truly is. It’s a symbol of inspiring love.

Each morning, the lake basks in its love of the sun’s warmth. Its diamond waves reach for the golden sunlight with every breath. Delicately, they encourage each other with their beauty. And that’s how love should be. An ever-glowing feeling that pushes you forward in life. It should lift you up and not pull you down, even on your darkest days. That’s when you know it’s real love. 

In the afternoons, crowds of people visit the lake, and their joy reflects into the vast blue sky over the water. The lake smiles and the sky blushes in sunsets. It’s a captivating language that only they know, and their love works because they listen. They always let each other know how they’re feeling and wholeheartedly accept each other, and that’s how open love should be. The communication should be consistent and not closed off, with honesty holding it together. That’s what matters at the end of the day.

Every night, the lake wishes on the stars in awe and the moon falls asleep dreaming about its vibrant depths. They hold onto the sweetest hope in one another. And it’s their genuine support that makes their light endlessly glow on. After all, love means supporting each other and chasing your dreams together. When you fearlessly put the other person first as you help each other attain your goals, because that alone will bring you happiness.

This lake holds a collection of timeless moments. And there’s a special lesson to be learned from its beauty. It expresses the way love is meant to be and gently reminds you of what it shouldn’t. Because you should never settle for anything less.

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