To All The Girls I Have Loved Before Understanding Love!

This is a valentine’s special blog!

She always says there isn’t a specific day for love to be celebrated, love is not a festival or an occasion, it is a feeling that you should celebrate everyday! ❤️👽

“For obvious reasons I’m not gonna name anyone!”

“I hope you get to read this, if I’m not blocked”


Sometimes love doesn’t go according to plan, it stops or isn’t giving in return, in this open love letter, I want to tell all my ex girlfriends that they taught me something very valuable and for that reason only I still love you… (P.S. Not literally!)🖖😋
Letter To My Ex Girlfriends That I Still Love

Dear Exes,
Today, I had a rough day today since I broke my glasses last night.
Y’all know how fidgety I am with things!
You must be surprised I’m doing this after all this time without any news.
I didn’t expect this either, believe me. I had never in my life written a letter before this one(I won’t count a stupid love letter I wrote in school), I guess we’re used to first times by now… I don’t know where to start, sorry if I’m babbling.

It’s been years since we put a stop to our relationship.
More because of me than of you, I’ll grant you that. Since then, I tried to build new stories, to meet new girls, new exes… 🙄 But it’s no good, every time I get on a relationship, I remember the mistakes of the past that affected our relationship. I thought I had changed but I hadn’t. The more time goes by, the more I miss you (again not literally), the things you told me to change and lament. I mulled it over for a long time before telling you about it because I didn’t want to hurt you – I believe I have hurt you enough as it is. 💔

Everything we’ve lived together somehow seems to come back in my face, I reread all your messages, remembered the moments you cursed me for crying, looked at all our pictures and this huge wave of sadness just came crashing on me. Because you weren’t there. Sure we used to fight and barely ever agreed on anything, but I felt good when I was with you. Life was simple when I was next to you. There weren’t 1,000 questions constantly buzzing around in my head, life was simply good.
I miss you, I just had to tell you. I haven’t forgotten you… (not like that babe)
One of you taught me to express more, 🤷
One of you taught me to exaggerate less, 🙏
One of you taught me to stop lying, 😷
One of you taught me to prioritise things, 🤕
But most importantly you all taught me to love with a pure heart without really expecting much in return because someday I’ll get someone who will be just like me! 😊
Post our break up, you always kept telling me believe in doing good and you’ll receive good! 🤗

With all of you, I’ve had a lot of memorable moments but the one that truly stands out and is etched in the mind is the 1st meeting ever! 😍

Not saying it was a love at 1st sight, coz then I’ll have to get my eyes checked for so many loves at 1st sight, but that certain something clicks and the vibe tells you yeah she’s the one (** times)! 🤣😂

This is only for the girls I was in a relationship with, the one’s who rejected me are probably unable to read this as I’m not that necessary! 😤

(Heere ki pehchan johri ko hoti hai!)

Thank you all of you,
For being a part of my journey.
Many of you have moved on and have found someone better than me (Only in some things!) 🤓
Many of you have moved on and have found peace !
But the truth still remains that each one of you will remain a decorated part of my life! 🤐

Many relationships were plagued by sadistic as***les! 👿
Many relationships hit the roadblock because of the visible enemy, “BESTFRIEND” 😕
Many ended because of Social Media advisors who were desperately dwelling in your DMs! 🤑
But I’ve found peace with myself and the break ups!
Coz I’ve finally found another new love!
Just hope this relationship doesn’t find place in this list! 🤞

The funniest part though was the one where this best friend of mine would meet me after a 2 year gap and everytime we met, she had a new bhabhi to know about! 😹

We do commit a lot of mistakes when we are young, we do some really selfish things that have large scale implications for the future, but never shy away from embracin your mistakes and moving on from it.
Every relation I ever had taught me something!

Let’s celebrate this Valentine’s day with utmost love and spread love however possible!

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Desai Thoughts MEdia.


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