To begin, I would like to state that I find your unbearable fascination with women like me honoring, truly. But I do believe that your obsessive tendencies have given me no other option rather than to intervene.

Your obsession frightens me to the point where I am afraid to walk alone at night because I fear that you may snatch me all to yourself. when I see you walking, I am delighted to know that I am not alone in this world, but disappointed that the night had to end with my body in fight-or-flight mode. I understand all boys may not be trying to threaten me, but I can’t help but demonstrate the fear ignited within me by societal norms set in place by boys like you.

To put it in simpler terms, us women can’t tell you good boys apart from the rest. It is just like how you can’t seem to tell the difference between a tangible display and my body. If i’m not mistaken, that happens to be the same body that you said was too round for you. It was too broad, too tall, too dark, and too heavy for you as well. although, boys are strong, correct?

Have you heard of the word consent? It may be new to you, sometimes I forget that you are so young. It is imperative to remember that your vocabulary must expand before you decide to grow up. You were unaware, so I forgive you for taking advantage of me. Looking back at it, it was my fault for wearing skinny jeans and a low-cut t-shirt. Looking at me was basically an invitation into my body.

In the end, I must apologize. I did not mean to let my confidence threaten you. I forgot that women like me are not supposed to hold our heads high because it makes us look bigger than you. please use your strength to forgive me.

With sympathy,

Women who need you to do better

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