You’re gonna lose her!

You’ll lose her as soon as she begins to feel underappreciated, as soon as she begins to wonder if you even notice all of the lovely things she’s done for you, as soon as she begins to wonder why she bothers to be good to you in the first place.
If you fail to thank her for all she does for you, if you forget to compliment her on her inner and exterior beauty, if you forget to tell her how grateful you are to have her in your life, you’re going to lose her.
If you start taking everything she does for granted, assuming she’ll always be there no matter how badly you treat her, you’ll lose her.

You’ll lose her if you stop flirting with her, performing favours for her, or putting any effort into her because you think you don’t have to now that you’re legally in a relationship. If you believe she owes you something, if you never thank her for cooking for you, cleaning up after you, or paying for dates because you consider it her job, you’ll lose her. You’ll lose her if you treat strangers better than you treat her, if you’ve gotten so attached to her that you no longer regard her as a person and instead see her as a piece of property.

If you take from her without giving back, if you place all of the relationship’s duties on her shoulders, you’re going to lose her. You’ll lose her if you forget how fortunate you are to have her, if you take advantage of her tender heart, and if you take for granted everything she does for you. No matter how certain you are that she will stay, the fact is that you will lose her as soon as she feels underappreciated. The worst kind of love is unbalanced love. Unbalanced love isn’t a long-term relationship.

She may be too blinded by her emotions right now to see she isn’t receiving nearly as much as she is giving — but give her enough time, and she will come to her senses. She’ll see how unfair it is that she’s put so much effort into your relationship while you’ve given her so little in return. She’ll understand there’s no need for her to stay in a relationship if she doesn’t feel respected and loved. She’ll understand she’s capable of more than you. You’re going to lose her until you start thanking her for all of the kind things she does for you and starting doing nice things for her as well.

Unless you modify your conduct, your attitude, and the amount of work you’ve been putting in, you’re going to lose her. Unless you start treating her better, putting your fair share into the relationship, and recognising how much she has done for you and how much she deserves in return, you’re going to lose her.

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