Date someone!

Date someone who pulls forth your greatest qualities.
There’s more to it than good manners, compassion, or development and learning.
However, the one who teaches you how to begin living.
Even if everyone else thinks it’s weird, it makes sense to you.
Date someone who encourages you to accomplish things you’re afraid of.
Even if they are the only one who believes in you, they push you to reach your aspirations, objectives, and interests.
Date someone who encourages you to purchase a plane ticket simply because you can.
When you’re terrified, they grasp your hand and you know that whatever happens, they’ll be there to catch you if something goes wrong.

You look at this person and you have no idea how things will turn out or how horrible things will turn out, but you don’t worry about uncertainty when you’re so confident right now.
Date someone who enjoys the small pleasures in life. Someone who can make you laugh harder than you’ve ever laughed while doing the dishes. When you’re riding shotgun in their automobile, they make you sing your heart out. On a Friday night, having someone stay in with you and just lay around watching movies is preferable to going out.
Someone who makes you eagerly anticipate Sundays. When simply being alive makes you thrilled to wake up close to the person you love the most.

Date someone for whom you would risk everything simply because they are deserving of your attention. And you realise it’s worth it when there’s so much to gain by having this person as yours. You’d make the necessary sacrifices to make it work, and they would meet you halfway.
Date someone who makes you believe in love, soulmates, and all those cheesy songs you never really got.
Someone who has a huge good influence on you.
You see a before and after when you look in the mirror because this person has entered your life.

They’ve improved you. They’ve made you feel better. When you gaze at them, you begin to believe in something new. Even if you have no idea what it is.
It’s the chats that may go on for hours and never seem to run out of topics to discuss.
Even if you’re not doing anything, it’s the company you enjoy the most.
It’s the feeling of missing them even before they depart. When saying goodbye makes you want to say hello all over again.
It’s the touch that pervades every inch of your body and arms, reminding you that home isn’t a place, but rather a person.
And wherever they are, that is where they belong.
And it’s the finest experience no matter where you are because you have them to share it with.

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