Take care!

To be valuable, you don’t have to be productive.
Increasing your workload does not make you better, smarter, or more useful. Taking a break isn’t the same as being lazy.

It gives you a sense of humanity. No one can work indefinitely without wanting to take a break.
Nobody is always moving, doing, and producing.
Everyone requires quiet time and lazy days.
When you don’t have the energy to accomplish anything except exist.
And you’re free to do so. You’re free to take a break.
You’re free to take it easy and take a few deep breaths.
It’s okay to have days when you’re not working toward a larger goal or strategy.

Resting is a productive activity in and of itself. If you’re operating on fumes, you’re not going to be successful.
And you won’t be able to contribute your best self if you’re continuously disregarding your own needs.
Being someone who respects what people require to cope and live is a source of strength.
Strength in recognising your seasons and allowing yourself to let go of whatever you’re carrying for a while in order to flourish afterwards.

You are entitled to rest if you require it. You are entitled to days where you do nothing. Even if other people going through similar difficulties accomplished more. Even if you “could have” gone a bit farther. Even if you take a day off the day before.
Whatever you manage to accomplish today is sufficient.
Whatever the case may be you’re enough.

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