Allow yourself the luxury of being a novice.
Everyone starts somewhere, and everyone who is truly exceptional at what they do was once a novice who struggled.
And you’re free to do so.
You are permitted to be a person who does not yet possess all of the answers.
It’s okay to be flawed, to make errors, and to lack all of the necessary tools.
Building abilities takes time.
Learning how to handle new situations and developing your talents takes time. It’s natural and acceptable to struggle with something you’ve never done before.
If it’s too difficult, you aren’t a failure. You are not pitiful, inept, or disgusting.
You’re a newbie.

You’re still gaining knowledge.
And there’s a sense of pride in it.
It’s a sign of respect to be willing to try new things and learn new things.
Honor yourself by stepping outside of your comfort zone in order to develop into a new, more complete version of yourself.
So don’t worry if you’re feeling bewildered and unprepared; it’s all part of the process. Everyone else has been in this situation before, and they’ve all made it out alive.
You’ll figure it all out as you go along.
It will take some time. And you have permission to take that time.
It won’t be this difficult and stressful indefinitely.

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