When a boy turns into a man! (by Dhwani Pathak)

You were the first person I let into my life after I split up with my ex after 2 years of being alone and depressed. You were someone I trusted, someone I felt secure with, and you made me happy in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I thought we’d end up dating, but I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly, given how strong the energy was.

You took me out of my gloom and showed me the lighter side of life, you taught me to trust myself again, you freed me from my continuous nagging thoughts, and yet you managed to drag me back into it, how? Still, I adore you the same way I did the first time you saw me, the first time you left me off at home, and the first time you held my hand.

From exposing all of my secrets to telling him all of my concerns, all of my loves and dislikes, from exchanging ideas to inviting him to the family dinner, from chatting all night and every day to passing days without talking and just fighting, everything occurred.
I adored a kid who couldn’t resolve a conflict by exerting any effort or by talking; I adored a boy who turned a genuine conversation into a battle; I adored a boy who wasn’t mature enough to express his thoughts without fighting; I adored a boy who couldn’t resolve a fight by exerting any effort

But now I am with a man who is mature enough to express his thoughts without arguing and to work on the relationship.
Love is a habit, they say, and he is a habit I am not prepared to give up anytime soon.
A man who stands by me in every conversation, who corrects me when I make a mistake, and who is always there for me in my highs and lows.
A man who is sufficient for me and who loves me as I require!

Yes, men make mistakes and upset their girlfriends, but a man is someone who understands how to solve it and takes appropriate action and responsibility, whereas a boy is the polar opposite.
Yes, that youngster caused me to go through the hard part in my life from which I pulled myself out, but the boy who has grown into a man is the one who is pulling me out of it again.
I’m honoured to have been present when the boy matured into a man.

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