Love in moderation! (By Dhwani Pathak)

“It takes a lot to mend a shattered heart, but much more to believe that it won’t break again.”
Love has no borders or limits, but when one doesn’t know where to stop, that’s when they begin their path of being harmed.

It’s when we start to anticipate the same effort from our spouse and are disappointed when they don’t deliver. It’s when we begin to make them our world, which should not be the case; they should be a part of our world, however, as the saying goes, LOVE IS BLIND. & we feel upset when we realise we are not in their universe. When we don’t love in moderation, we tend to give ourselves all we want when others aren’t ready for it, and we get wounded when they do!

It is most likely a strain for the other to deal with the love for which they are unprepared. So, if we have a pattern of not loving in moderation, that is our issue, and we are harmed because of it. You can’t make someone love the same way you do. We do, however, expect the type of love we provide. However, when they fail to do so, we suffer.
Hurt is unavoidable, but we may limit how much hurt we experience by Loving In Moderation.

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