Passion Crimes!

Anita Kapoor, an elementary education major at Ahmedabad University was 18 years old. To support herself and move from her family’s house an hour away, she took two jobs, one at a hotel front desk and the other in retail. Anita had a two-bedroom apartment near university with Neha Rai, her roommate (19). Neha and Anita, unfortunately, did not get along. Neha’s habit of inviting guys over to the flat and then departing while the men were still there irritated Anita. Arguments between the roommates occasionally devolved into shouting battles.

Anita contacted her mother on Friday, March 1st, 2007, to say she was at a friend’s house. Anita did not show up for work the next day, which was unusual for her. When Anita didn’t return her phone calls on Saturday or Sunday, her mother became concerned.

When police arrived, they discovered Anita had been stabbed to death, most likely by a friend because she had no defence wounds. They hadn’t been robbed and the flat didn’t appear to have been subjected to a severe attack. Anita had not been attacked sexually. The blood-splattered murder weapon, a knife that did not belong to Anita or Neha, was discovered in the sink. The site yielded what police thought to be the killer’s fingerprints and DNA. Police think Anita was murdered early Sunday morning (March 3), based on an autopsy. Anita’s family was perplexed by this because she had been missing all day Saturday, the day before the murder.

The maintenance employee who reported the shredded window screen to Rahul was investigated by the police. They also took a look at Tushar, a man from Anita’s village who had been romantically spurned by Anita but now resided in her apartment complex. Anita’s roommate Neha was a suspect since she knew the two didn’t get along, but her parents offered an alibi by saying she was with them all weekend. In the weeks preceding up to Anita’s death, police looked into 40 construction workers who were working outside her apartment.

With her mother, Geeta, Neha attended Anita’s burial. Because Neha’s mother was furious that her daughter had been labelled a person of interest, Nichole’s mother and Anita’s mother got into a verbal spat at some time. According to a witness, Neha’s mother referred to Anita as a “f** b” and a “f* little c” after she died.

Dhruv, Anita’s brother, committed suicide six years after she was murdered. Anamika, Anita and Dhruv’s sister, claims that after Anita died, Dhruv was “never the same.”

“I wish they will capture the culprit who stole Anita’s life,” Geeta said on Facebook in 2016, concerning Anita. I loved her a lot, and I know you two had your ups and downs, just like everyone else in your class.” Neha responded to Anita’s article, claiming that she, too, is a “victim”: “It’s difficult to be the centre of attention… This has forever altered my life… I’m still in pain… I try to spend as much time as possible getting to know the individuals that know me and know what type of person I am, so they know I wouldn’t injure anyone…. But I’ll never be able to modify the sentiments of those other folks.”

Neha also commented on Facebook in the fall of 2021 about how the Gitanjali Singh case affected her personally.

Police made an arrest in Anita’s case fifteen years after she was murdered. Neha Rai, Anita’s roommate, was apprehended and charged with her murder.

Police have not stated what fresh information led them to prosecute Neha, who they claim has never been cleared and has “always” been a person of interest in the crime. The arrest, however, is credited to the real crime TV show Crime Patrol, which airs on Sony. Crime Patrol portrays actor Anup Soni as an investigator who works with local law enforcement to investigate unsolved cases. Anita’s case was being examined for a forthcoming episode, and each episode includes a new cold case. This is one of 50 arrests linked to the television show.

Neha first told authorities that she and her roommate were “great friends.” Neha apparently got blackout drunk at a party a year or two after the murder and informed her then-boyfriend that she murdered Anita. Witnesses stated they spotted Neha partying on Saturday night, despite the fact that she and her parents said she was at home with them. Neha was an active member of Anita’s memorial group on Facebook before she deactivated her account, communicating with other members how much she “missed” Anita.

Neha has married twice in the fifteen years following the murder and now had a daughter. She presented herself as a mother who is “married to my closest friend” on Facebook. Mom of a dog. Mom of a cat “I’m the ringmaster of my own circus.” Her wedding website portrays Neha and her husband as a fantasy couple. According to the website, Neha and her husband just acquired 6 acres of land and are looking forward to “so many amazing things!”

Neha has been charged with felony murder and is out on bond, after pleading guilty to bail jumping in 2012 after failing to appear in court for writing bad checks. The date of her arraignment has been set on April 29, 2022.

Even after 15 years passing away no one knows why was Anita actually murdered?

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