Your pain matters!

Your distress is understandable.
Even if “worse” has been experienced by others.
Even if someone else who has had the same experience does not find it to be crippling.
It “could have been averted,” even though it “could have been avoided.”
Even if it occurred many years ago.
Even if no one else is aware.
Your experience is real and genuine, and you are entitled to a safe place to discuss it.
It’s not desperate, pitiful, or begging for attention.
It’s a form of self-care.
It’s incredible bravery.
You’re also permitted to take care of yourself by processing and unloading some of the grief you’re carrying, regardless of the severity of your battle.
Your suffering is significant.
It’s important that you share your knowledge.
And your recovery is crucial.
That is something that nothing and no one can take away from you.

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Desai Thoughts MEdia.

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