To all the girls.. ..!

This is the third part of the Trilogy!
You can find the other 2 parts here šŸ‘‡šŸ»

Part 1

Part 2

A message of gratitude to people I’ve loved and lost, as well as those who continue to support me.

Some nights, the poetry just flows off my tongue, and the parts fall into place naturally. Other nights are more difficult; they delve deeper into me, and nothing is straightforward. My heart is pushed in several directions, yet tonight I am filled with poetry, both sorrowful and happy phrases. This evening, it’s inscribed over my skin; tonight, it’s flowing out of my mouth and visible behind my eyes.

So thank you to the individuals that inspire me to write joyous poetry, and thank you for putting words in this book that only carry happiness between the lines. Thank you for the words that are so wonderful that I feel compelled to rush to my room and spew them out onto this blank paper because they cannot be contained.

Thank you to all who stand behind the tragic poetry, even if it breaks my heart to say so. Thank you for forcing me to confront a pain I didn’t want to face, for forcing me to discover new methods to live with the profound and complicated losses and hurts. My heart bleeds for each of you who has wounded me or who has been hurt by me. But today, instead of the rage I used to have, I’m glad. I still feel melancholy, but not as often as I used to, and I credit that progress to the joyous poetry and the individuals who write it. I’m grateful for everything that has happened to me.

I’ve lost a lot of pieces of my heart in the last several months. But I’ve had enough of being bitter, and it’s past time for me to begin re-growing those pieces with people who cause my cheerful poetry to be lingering on whose houses my heart has been lost in.

So, once again, thank you.

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